3 Ways to Stimulate The Baby’s Brain

As a parent, of course I want to have a smart child. After reading various sources on how to have a smart child, I discovered the fact that there are 3 factors that affect a child’s brain development. The first is the hereditary factor. This genetic factor does affect how smart a child is. But if you feel you are not that smart, do not worry, because this genetic factor is not directly 100% determine your child’s intelligence later because there are still other factors. The second factor is the nutritional factor.

A child who is given optimal nutrition will of course have the opportunity for his brain to develop more maximally so that the chances of being smart are greater. And the last one is from the neighborhood. It is from this environment that a child should be given stimulation that will later help his brain to develop more optimally. Well, this time I will share 3 activities to stimulate the brain of a newborn baby.

1 . Sing

Singing with the baby is an activity that can be done since the newborn. This activity is simple but can stimulate the development of his language so that he can communicate smoothly later. Even though your baby looks indifferent and doesn’t understand the singing you’re singing, keep trying consistently to sing for her. One of my friends said he was trying to sing a song for his son every day in the hope that one day his son would start muttering in accordance with the rhythm of the song. But he was very disappointed because it turned out that his son did not follow his mother’s murmur. However, when his son was 1.5 years old, he was surprised when he found his son playing dolls while singing the song that his mother always sang! So do not be discouraged if your little one has not also imitated the song that you have always sung yes!

2 . Read a book

When I was pregnant, I became frequently following the instagram accounts of mothers who I thought how to educate their children was inspiring! That’s when I found a campaign that many of these mothers are doing that is 1000 books in 3 years. So in this campaign it turns out that these mothers invite mothers to read their children at least 1 book in 1 day. I was confused, why should I read a book? Apparently the activity of reading a book if done from when the newborn can help the development of the child’s language. What’s more, it can help the child to love books from childhood. Reading a book can also stimulate the child to flip the book so that it will help him stimulate the child’s motor. It is itself evident in my son. In the past, he still had difficulty moving his fingers to open the book. But now that almost every day is given a book and he also becomes diligent to open the sheet of the book, his fingers are increasingly flexible in flipping through the contents of the book. Even so, it is now harder for him to concentrate quietly when read a book! Now for him it’s more interesting to be able to stand up and play with various items around him.

3 . Play “Cilukba!”

The newborn has the thought that if an object disappears from view, then it also disappears forever. In contrast to our adult thinking who know that in fact the object still exists only that it is not visible to our view. So when we invite the baby to play Cilukba, this is a new and fun concept for him! How not, an object that he thought was missing was still in front of him! It also stimulates his brain to search for the object he suspects is missing. That’s why this simple game still exists from ancient times until now. Not only is the game easy and doesn’t use any tools, there are many benefits! Approximately 3 activities can be done to stimulate the brain of a newborn baby. Based on your experience, what else can be done to play while learning with a newborn baby?

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