Many people who suffer from it do not even know it, but diagnosing and treating it as soon as possible is of vital importance because the earlier it is detected, the better the medical prognosis. It is very well known that when you have diabetes you have to take care of your health twice, and this also has a lot to do with your teeth and that they fall or are weakened by the disease you have to go all the time with your dentist in Tijuana.


Thousands of people with type 2 diabetes have no obvious symptoms at first, and realize they are sick until the disorder is well advanced.


Some people have a higher risk than others of developing it, among them are:


People over 45 years old

Obese or overweight people

People with close relatives who have diabetes

Having gestational diabetes

Being of Hispanic or Latino origin

Having high blood pressure

Having high cholesterol

Very sedentary people


Diabetes is a disease that involves a constant and close check of your health. Many of these evaluations can be done on your own with a homemade glucometer, but you must not forget that you can not treat your illness by yourself and you need to see the doctor on a regular basis.


If you have diabetes, it is essential to do the following:


-Accur to a medical review on a scheduled basis


-Notify health personnel any symptoms you have


-Inform your family and close friends how they can support you


-Consider the institutional support of insurance and another type of medical support that you can obtain to obtain medicines and adequate supplements.


-Keep a record of how you feel every day so you can share it with your doctor.


  1. Learn to control your diabetes

As we mentioned in the beginning, diabetes affects many parts of the body. To stay healthy, it is important that you know how to take care of your diet, stay physically active and how to detect early signs of secondary complications.


You can print the following list to make sure that you are truly managing your diabetes in the best possible way.

3Keep glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure under control


One of the most important goals of treatment for diabetics is to maintain controlled levels of glucose, cholesterol and blood pressure. Usually they go hand in hand and when one shoots, the other two tend to do it too.