It is well known that processed food brings many health problems, but it is a critical issue to consider since its effects can be deadly.

Some food preservatives also cause a weakening of the mucus barrier. A microbiologist at the University of Georgia, and colleagues have discovered that common emulsifiers such as polysorbate 80 and carboxymethylcellulose (often found in products such as mayonnaise and ice cream) stimulate the erosion of the mucosal barrier and apparently also cause microbes to produce proteins that inflame the intestine, increasing the tendency to suffer from obesity and diabetes, although the problem can be easily solved with a bariatric surgery in Tijuana Mexico, but it is better to take care of these foods.

Something very similar has also been discovered with the maltodextrin food binder, which thins the mucosal barrier and feeds the strain of E. coli related to Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. It was also discovered that the microbiomes of patients with Crohn’s had improved their ability to break down maltodextrin, compared to people who do not have the disease, suggesting that the germs that could potentially cause this condition benefit from maltodextrin.

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Sciences in Israel have discovered that saccharin causes glucose intolerance, a marker of impending diabetes and a condition that those who consume these sweeteners most likely seek to avoid.

The scientists also gave a small group of healthy people drinks sweetened with saccharin for a week. In a subset of volunteers, microbial changes accompanied by increased glucose intolerance occurred. So for some people, diet drinks may not be healthier than regular sodas.

But, they said, there is a significant problem, and that is that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not prepared to address the diseases that may arise from long-term alterations in the microbes of our body and the resulting chronic inflammation. Instead, he said, he focuses on acute toxicity (what level of concentration of a substance makes you sick) and mutagenesis, its ability to trigger cancer.