If there is something that worries women more than cosmetic surgeries or cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana (which are relatively easy to solve), it is breast cancer, since many do not know how to detect it, and if they discover it very late , your life is at risk. However, a pill is already being developed that causes breast tumors to light up when exposed to infrared light.

The pill would contain a fluorescent imaging agent connected to a target molecule that binds to cancer cells in breast tissue, in order to make earlier and more accurate diagnoses of breast cancer.

The first step of the pill to detect breast cancer is overcome. The concept has already worked in mice as researchers from Michigan have just reported. The new method would help distinguish between benign and malignant tumors, preventing women from undergoing procedures such as mammograms and biopsies.

As we all know in recent years, mammography has been harshly questioned as a diagnostic tool. Studies in different parts of the world have called into question its effectiveness. The most recent of them, warned that the Dutch mammography screening program has little impact to reduce mortality from breast cancer. According to this, mammography would only be responsible for 5% of the reduction in deaths in the country, while 52% of cancers detected with the program would be false diagnoses.

However experts say they do not want to rule out mammography, since mammography is good, saves lives, what they are trying to do is empower the doctor to make better decisions with the patient, so that unnecessary tests are not done, But those patients who do have cancer, who do need treatment, receive that appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

The method developed by Thurber and his team is based on a dye that responds to infrared light to mark or ‘tag’ a molecule that is commonly found in tumor cells, in the blood vessels that feed tumors and in inflamed tissue.

By using infrared light to detect the tumor, scientists evade the risks associated with X-rays that can alter DNA.