Beauty is something very sought after, and people are striving more and more to improve their appearance, which is why now dentists have much more work with cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana, either in orthodontics or tooth whitening. And apart from the smile, something that is fashionable is having a perfect tan, for that people spend long hours on the beach or in the courtyards of their homes, with tanning oils on their skin.

Our bodies were designed to take advantage of the sun. Sunlight helps keep our sleep patterns on track so we can stay awake during the day and sleep deeply at night. Taking too little sun, especially in the winter months, can make some people prone to a form of depression known as a seasonal affective disorder. Sunlight also helps the skin produce vitamin D, which is necessary for normal bone function and health.

Although sunlight is essential for many living beings, it can even produce energy for our homes with solar panels like thrive solar. However, sunlight also has a dangerous side. It can damage the skin and even the eyes. The good news is that you can take some relatively simple measures to protect your body from sun damage and thus continue to enjoy the sun’s healthful effects.

Sunlight travels to Earth as a mixture of visible and invisible rays or waves. Long waves, like radio waves, are harmless to people. However, shorter waves, such as ultraviolet (UV) light, can cause problems. The longest rays of these UV waves that reach the surface of the Earth are called UVA rays. The shorter ones are called UVB rays.

Too much exposure to the sun can also increase the risk of skin cancer, the most common type of cancer in the United States. When UV light enters skin cells, it can damage the genetic material (called DNA) that is inside it.

Damage to DNA can cause changes in the cells and cause them to grow and divide rapidly. This growth may result in additional groups of cells known as tumors or lesions, which may be cancerous (malignant) or harmless (benign).

Skin cancer may initially appear as a small spot on the skin. Some cancers can extend deeply into the surrounding tissues; It can also spread from the skin to other organs of the body.