Life is so much better with a smile. It makes the people around us happy, and it makes us happy too. Smiling has many benefits for our lives, but if were so self-conscious about how our teeth aren’t perfectly white or how they aren’t straight enough, we aren’t going to want to smile. But, what if there was a few ways help fix your problems, would you take the challenge of visiting your local dentist to hear what they have to say about your teeth? If so, here are 5 dental procedures you can ask from your dentist in brio dental to help get that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of.
1. Teeth Whitening Now, we all knew this was coming. Teeth whitening, a very popular phrase a dentist would probably recommend to you if you are struggling with discoloration on your teeth. A lot of coffee drinkers struggle with this and smokers, plus tea drinkers, so don’t let it fool you! You can talk to your dentist about teeth whitening, but if it is out of your price range, try finding products online. Some of the products that are advertised by celebrities actually work and only cost a few bucks.
2. Bonding These materials can actually do a lot, like improving spaces in between your teeth, or if your teeth are chipped, broken, stained, or cracked. Bonding can also help with small cavities, but bonding doesn’t last forever. Even though bonding can last years and years, they will eventually become cracked, stained, or just worn out.
3. Veneers A custom shell, mainly made of porcelain, but sometimes plastic, cover the front of the teeth to change the color or shape of them. The good thing about veneers are that they last longer then bonding and improve your teeth in the following ways:- Spaced teeth in between- Chipped or worn out- Permanently stained- Poorly shaped- Crooked
4. Braces Everyone always see’s someone wearing braces where ever they go. No matter how old you are, braces are always an option. Whether you like them or not, they work! You wear them for as long as your dentist says, which is normally a good year or two, unless your teeth are in pretty bad shape, then maybe longer! Braces may hurt and may be a pain to wear for so long, but they are worth it in the end.
5. Implants You’re probably thinking, implants for your teeth? No way, impossible! Well, guess what, it is possible, and here is why! It’s not the implants you would get in your body, obviously. It is an expensive cosmetic procedure for a long-term replacement of your missing teeth. Now, many people are not missing teeth just yet, but if you were that rebellious kid who wanted to jump off the roof into the family pool, knocking your two front teeth out on the bottom, then you caused your parents a pretty big dentist payment. So bring up the expensive implants talk to their them, but make sure you word it correctly.
As there are numerous ways to fix your teeth, these ones work just as well. Getting your teeth fixed can be a little pricey, we should all be aware of that by now. Doing your research and finding the best dentist that fits your spending needs is recommended, so get your laptop out and start searching to get that smile in no time!